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Top 10 Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Marketing Strategies To Sell Your Home

Posted by AdamC on February 24, 2020

Portland Real Estate Marketing Strategies

When selling your house, marketing is your friend. As brokers, our most effective marketing strategies are the tools that we can offer you to sell your home quickly. As a regional sales manager of a real estate marketing firm and a corporate marketing director to a mid-level hotel company with 44 hotels, I have a lot of marketing experience to sell your home.

The following strategies are marketing strategies used by me and my fellow brokers.


Listing on MLS (and similar sites)

The Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is how all websites, like Zillow, Redifin, and even this website, get their listing information. The MLS is the place where any Portland Real Estate Broker worth their weight in salt would place your home for sale. To do so, the MLS requires the poster to be a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. 

The NAR membership requires that every member pays dues. Then we must pay our dues for the MLS. Some real estate brokers choose not to do this, but this is the low hanging fruit of marketing. It really is a must. Adding your home to the MLS (the RMLS in Portland) will add it to countless real estate websites around Oregon and many large corporation websites around the world.


Having a good photographer is an important part of real estate. The photos taken of your home can really help another family see themselves in your home. Many brokers will use their phones to take photos of your home, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing, if they are very, very good. I am not very, very good at taking a photo with my phone so I use a professional photographer. As a broker, I want to put your properties best foot forward. Even a small home can have lots of detail to show. Here is an example of a small home using my photographer (on the right) vs a previous broker listing the same home just four years earlier. The only things that have changed are new floors and a new TV.  We can see so much detail in the photo using my photographer where so much color and information is lost with the phone photos from before. 

Bad Photography vs Good phtography

Working with a Large Local Company

This is one that I can not stress enough, working with a local company matters. The large, brand recognizeable, firms don’t matter as much as you might think. At one time, they mattered, but that was before the internet. These firms had the majority of the listings and so if you wanted to buy a home, you would work with a large agency because they would have the inventory. The same was true for selling a home. The large firms had more buyers. 

Now with the MLS, you can list your home with any company and know that it will be seen online. Here’s why I believe local is better. The local company cares about what’s going on in the local community. They make connections with local title companies and local mortgage agencies. They money stays in the state and doesn’t get sent off. 

Why large and local? If you’re working with a larger company, the company has many agents who can share with one another what listings they have coming up. This will get your home some traction long before it’s listed online. This is a bonus for you as a home seller. These are the reasons I chose Premiere Property Group, LLC. The company is large, over 1000 agents, and based in Lake Oswego. If I chose a small firm with just 10 agents, I wouldn’t have many people to share my listing with prior to it going live online. 

Open Houses

Many people think that open houses are not what they use to be. I have added them here because I believe it’s a great way to give your neighbors, lookie-loo’s, and the occasional unrepresented buyer the opportunity to come in and see your home. You never know where a buyer will come from. Perhaps a neighbor has a sibling they’ve always wanted to live next to and now they can share your home with their sibling since they’ve now seen the inside of your home. It is not the strongest real estate marketing tool, but it’s not the weakest either.

Some sellers only want their home shown on an appointment basis, and that’s okay too. As a seller, I would encourage my broker to do all they can to get the most amount of offers coming in. 

Virtual Tours/ 3d Tours

A virtual tour is old news but still a reliable way for people to see your home without needing to get off of their couch. It helps weed out people who are more interested but I don’t see a benefit to them unless your home is considered a luxury home or if you just have a lot of square feet. Many homes are standard enough that a good amount of high resolution and high quality photos are sufficient. 

If your home is a luxury home, then a virtual tour, or better yet a 3D tour, is a perfect advertising tool. With a 3D tour, you will be placed in a room and you’ll be able to look around the room from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Many luxury buyers might not live in your state. Perhaps they live in another state or even overseas. To capture their attention, you want to show as much as you can about your beautiful home.  Click below to see an example.

Door Knocking

This will sound primitive but door knocking is another great opportunity for the broker to let your neighbors know that your home will be going on the market. Many of us make friends with our neighbors and we want to leave our neighborhood with a good reputation. Your broker can help with that by simply going door to door to your neighbors and letting them know your home is on the market. 

Why is this important? First, it’s a courtesy. They should know that people will be coming to your home for showing appointments throughout the day so they are not alarmed. Also, this is a good precursor to an open house. If you have an open house coming up, the broker can let them know and warn them that there might be more cars than usual in the neighborhood on the day of the open house. Also they should invite the neighbors to come and see the home. 

Aerial Photography and Videography

With the advent of drones, aerial photography and videography has become much more attainable for realtors. This again makes the most sense when your home or property are large. It’s good to get a nice aerial shot so that potential buyers know what they are buying. Google Maps can only do so much. With a drone we can get multiple angles of your home and property to really show potential buyers just how lovely your home is. 

Brokers Open

A Brokers Open is when a broker (aka “REALTOR®” or agent) hosts an open house but only for other brokers to come and see the home. Many of us have wish lists for clients. This is a great way to invite brokers in to see the home to increase showing appointments. Also, some more luxurious homes might not want an open house, simply letting everyone come in, but prefer a brokers open. The brokers can get a feel for the home and help determine if their client would like the home. 

Sign Posts

It is rare but sometimes a seller does not want a broker to place a sign post in their yard. They don’t want to let neighbors know they are selling or they have other fears associated with a sign post. The sign post is a great real estate marketing strategy to let passerby know your property is for sale. Many people still like to drive in a neighborhood to get the feel of the neighborhood and to see what is for sale in that neighborhood. 

Buying a house is like shopping for clothes, it can be done online but 99% of the time, we want to interact with it first. Buyers will always want to see your home in person and a great way to let them know your home is on the market is to place a sign post in the yard. Sometimes sellers might even choose a company simply because their logo and sign posts are more elegant than others. I really love the way my company, Premiere Property Group, LLC, signs look. 

Single Property Websites

A single property website does not have to be a site with it’s own domain. What I mean here is a page on a website that is solely about your home. My website has my featured properties, which are my listings or listings of my fellow brokers. These listings are grouped together but then when you click on any listing, you go to a detailed page about that listing. 

The reason why this is important is because the broker can, and should, post your single page website on social media. This is much better than them posting on social media with their website link and simply saying “look at my new listings.”

I have multiple options: 

Photo Tour

Listing (on this site)

With My Brokerage

Bonus: Adam's Additional Marketing

On top of the things above that I have mentioned, I also will make a social media post about your home to my 3000+ friends. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but you never know who might want to buy your home. I had a friend contact me recently about buying a rental property in Portland. That friend lives in California. If we as brokers don’t post, then we are not performing our full duties as your broker.

This often begs the question: will you sell my house to your friend? The answer is, I will not. If I have a friend who wants to buy my clients home, I will refer my friend to another broker so that you are fairly represented and my friend is fairly represented. I will not be the agent for both people in the same transaction, I believe this is unethical. There are very few exceptions to this rule. 

Lastly, the additional marketing that I do for you is also all the marketing I do for myself. This is passive advertising for your property, but it still works. If I can bring more people to see my website, read my articles, watch my videos, see my posts, then you benefit from this as well. 

The broker you choose is important. I would be honored to represent you in your next home purchase and/or sale. 

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