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Portland Sellers Agent – #1 Dedicated and Motivated Agent

Portland Sellers Agent

Portland Sellers Agent

Adam’s number one priority is providing the highest level of customer service while getting the highest price on your home.

Adam is not the type of agent who will convince you to lower your price just to sell the home faster. He works on your timeline.


Things to Consider When Selling

  • Timeline to sell your home
  • Marketing used to sell your home
  • Cost to you  to sell your home
  •  Desired price you’d like from your home

What makes Adam a Good Portland Sellers Agent?

What is a Portland Sellers Agent? A Sellers Agent is someone who sells the home of their clients. What you want is someone who puts a good face on your property.

Adam has been a teacher, a marketer, and a salesman. His past is perfectly situated to sell your home in a professional manner. When people come to see your home, they will be greeted by a well dressed, well spoken, professional individual who will maintain your privacy.

Adam has been teaching for 20 years. Adam has taught at MIT, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Northwestern, and the Beijing Dance Academy. He has over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing. 

How Will Adam Sell My Home?

As a marketing professional, Adam knows what it takes to get your home in front of the most people. Your home will be featured on hundreds of websites in order to receive the most amount of views possible. 

Adam has written on the best marketing practices in real estate and he will utilize all the resources he needs to in order to get you the highest price possible.

These are the biggest strategies he uses:

  1. Posting on the MLS
  2. Working with a high end large firm
  3. Top level real estate photography.
  4. Open Houses
  5. Virtual Tours
  6. Neighborhood connections
  7. Ariel Photography and Videography
  8. Sign Posts
  9. Brokers Opens
  10. Single Property Website
  11. Social media postings
  12. Professional Staging
Portland Sellers Agent

Connected to over 1000 agents

At Premiere Property Group, LLC Adam has a connection with over 1000 local agents. When he has a new listing he can send that listing to all 1000+ agents who might have a buyer for your property.

This quick form of selling saves you time and money allowing you to make your next real estate move. This is also beneficial as a buying tool as well

What if I need to do repairs?

Adam has a list of 100’s of local specialists from gardeners to plumbers to junk removal companies. Each of these professionals are proven with my company and ready to work for you.

If the inspector comes back with any issues, we can handle it. Adam can connect you with the best in the business. 

How long does it take to sell a home?

This question of course has many factors to consider to be able to give a straight answer. If you’d like Adam to evaluate your home and the price you might put it on the market for, contact him with the form provided. Everything depends on these factors:

  • Location
  • Asking Price
  • Condition of your home
  • What marketing is being done
  • How hard your broker will work for you

Adam has a full marketing background and he knows the meaning of hard work. He won the US Tango championship because of his dedication and hard word ethic. If you’d like an effective broker to sell your home, Adam is that broker. 

Contact Adam with the form provided or call him anytime at 971-645-6463. 

Can you tell me what my house is worth?

Adam can perform a CMA on your home at no cost to you. Simply let us know where your home.

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