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May 30, 2020
Below is the code that you will use to make your .php file.
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Portland Real Estate Market and Covid-19

5 ways COVID-19 has Affected the Portland Re...

May 06, 2020
These days, we have all been wondering how COVID-19 has been influencing the market. We have seen many ups and down ...
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buy or rent 2

Should I Buy or Rent a Home – 1 Great ...

Apr 05, 2020
To Buy Or Rent Should I buy or rent? This is a question that we will all ask ourselves at one point or another. The ...
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Portland Sellers Agent

Top 10 Effective Real Estate Marketing Strat...

Feb 24, 2020
Portland Real Estate Marketing Strategies When selling your house, marketing is your friend. As brokers, our most e ...
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Portland Real Estate Strategies. Is now the time to buy a home? Love these 3.xx% Mortgage Rates! 1

Portland Real Estate Strategies. Is now the ...

Feb 15, 2020
Are you not sure when to buy a home, consider this information to help you decide when it's the right time.
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