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Portland Oregon Homes For Sale

If you’re looking for Portland Oregon Homes for Sale here are my featured properties in Portland Oregon. Homes in Portland are selling so quickly that it can be difficult to see a property before it already has offers. You need a real estate agent who is on top of their game and will watch the market for you. 

If you’re looking for a Portland Oregon home for sale, having the right agent is the key to find your next home. Portland Oregon homes for sale generally get offers from potential buyers within 6 business days. If you find your dream home, don’t wait, call today and let’s go see that home for sale. 

To view all Portland Oregon homes for sale, click HERE to be taken to my home searching tool. This is an impressively up to date service that gets updated just minutes after the RMLS. It features all Portland Oregon homes for sale as well as all surrounding areas. 

Portland Oregon Homes for Sale

Whether you’re buying or selling a Portland Oregon home, there are a few key things to look for. With Portland Oregon homes for sale, you must look into possible radon, check the foundation, and check the roof, on top of all normal inspections. Living in the pacific northwest, Portland Oregon homes are dealing with the elements. Radon testing in Portland is a must. We have some pockets of high radon concentration throughout the city. Also, Portland builders used a concrete for many homes in Portland that had a higher gravel percentage and caused some foundations to weaken over time. 

Here’s a list of zip codes and their average radon content. Lookup your zip code here.


First Time Home Buyer Experience

When I was buying my first Portland Oregon home for sale, I found an adorable home in Rose City Park. The home was owned by a lawyer and his wife. His wife had made this home spectacularly beautiful. When it came time to do inspections, we found that the foundation had been made with Portland cement and you were able to stick a thin metal rod all the way through the foundation. This foundation needed to be completely redone. It’s having these experiences where a Portland born real estate agent will help you find your next Portland Oregon home for sale. 

Portland Oregon Homes For Sale

How Can Adam Help You Find All Portland Oregon Homes For Sale?

In Portland, there are many real estate agencies. Only one of those agencies has over 1,000 agents. That’s Premiere Property Group. Premiere Property Group, LLC is the largest locally owned real estate agency in the Portland Metro area. This matters to you because I am made aware of all the houses that those agents represent. I receive daily emails with the newest Portland Oregon homes for sale, before they hit the market. 

When you’re with a small company with 5-10 agents, perhaps it’s nice because it’s niche, but those agents only have access to what is on the MLS, the same as you. I have access to hundreds of listings before they go on the MLS. 

It might only take 24 hours for a home to be signed with PPG to get onto the MLS and become public, but in a real estate market as hot as Portland, 24 hours is a HUGE difference. When working with Adam Cornett at Premiere Property Group, you will be a part of a large and local team. 

Premiere Property Group, LLC is a great company for real estate professionals to work with and it’s a great company for you to buy and sell your home with. When you list your home with PPG, your home will be seen immediately by 1,000+ agents throughout the Portland Metro area. 

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