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Moving to Portland Oregon: Why you should be moving to Portland this year.

Portland Oregon is a wonderful city with lots to offer. Not only is it a food town with many great restaurants but it also has loads of things to do. If you’re planning on moving to Portland, allow me to help you find your next home. I am a Portland native and know the city very well. 

Moving to Portland for Work?

Many people move to Portland for companies like Intel, Nike, Adidas, and many others. Portland has a large amount of technology companies. If you’re moving to Portland for Nike, then you’ll most likely want to live in the Beaverton area. Beaverton, Oregon is a suburb just west of Portland. Many homes are just minutes from Portland’s city center.

If you’re moving to Portland for Intel, then you’ll want to be in outer Beaverton or Hillsboro. There are some other cities in the area you might consider but Portland is known for its traffic and by living in Beaverton or Hillsboro you can cut down on your commute time. Hillsboro, which houses Intel’s headquarters, is a great city with lovely neighborhoods. You’re just 45 minutes from the ocean which makes for great weekend getaways. 

If you’re moving to Portland for work, I can help you navigate buying a home from afar while considering things like neighborhoods, groceries, schools, commute, and other important daily activities.

Moving to Portland for Retirement?

Portland is a popular destination for retirement. Many people move to Portland because of the green trees, the proximity to the coast and skiing, as well as the great food scene and wine industry. Portland is currently a great destination for Californians to retire because they can sell their house and move to Portland and pay cash for a new home while keeping much of what they sold their home for. 

Portland is a great place to stay active. Hiking is a favorite past time of Portlanders. With great access to Washington park in the heart of downtown, there are miles of hiking trails throughout the park with so much tagged foliage and wildlife to see. Also, just 45 minutes east of Portland is the famous Columbia River Gorge. The Gorge is a wonderful place to hike in the mountains, swim, boat, or play in the Columbia river.  

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Moving to Portland for School?

Portland is home to Reed College, Portland State University, University of Portland, Lewis and Clark college, and many others. These universities bring thousands of students to the Portland metro area every year. If you’re moving to Portland for school or have a son or daughter moving to Portland for school, and you’d like to purchase a home, Portland has many great homes close to all the universities. If you’d like to virtually look at some homes or take a look at some homes while on a campus visit, connect with me, Adam, and we can setup a schedule to see homes while you’re in town. 

If you’re moving to Portland, you don’t need to wait to move here before you buy your house. I can help you find a home in the perfect neighborhood within your price range to make sure you’re getting the best home for your money. Relocation is a difficult process, allow me to help lighten the load when it comes to finding a home. 

Portland is a place for everyone. With a strong and desirable real estate market we have very little housing available and often have to move fast to get the house you want. I dedicate my life to helping my clients get the homes they want. Don’t hesitate to contact me for your Portland relocation needs.  To contact me about buying a home you can simply go to my Contact page.

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