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Premiere Property Group, LLC

Premiere Property Group, LLC is Portland’s largest privately owned real estate firm. Premiere Property Group, LLC has over 1000 agents and sells more homes than any other real estate group. Founded in 2008 by Kelly Yock, Premiere Property Group, LLC proves to be a stronghold in the Portland real estate business.

Why go with Premiere Property Group, LLC over the others?

Many locally owned companies tend to be too small to offer their clients and their agents all the services of a larger full concierge real estate firm. Premiere Property Group, LLC happens to be the largest locally owned company and offers a suite of services for both their clients and their agents.

What does Premiere Offer that other companies can not?

Premiere offers its clients a bevy of marketing options to fully feature your home in every corner possible to get the most amount of offers at the highest prices possible. Premiere also focuses on buyers and has partnered with both a great mortgage company, Directors Mortgage, and a great home warranty company, American Preferred Home Warranty. Director’s mortgage offers earnest money protection up to $5K which is great for buyers.

For those savvy buyers and sellers, or for investors, because Premiere Property Group, LLC has so many agents, their agents have access to one another through email groups to connect buyers and sellers quickly.

How does Premiere Property Group, LLC give back?

Premiere is a generous company. Most every person in the company is their own employee and not an employee of Premiere, that’s how agencies work. Premiere has a donation platform for all the agents and the employees to offer any amount of money to go into a pool. This pool is then separated out into 40%/50%/10% chunks.

They put 40% aside for agents and employees who are going through hard times and need some financial help. 50% of the money goes towards different non-profit agencies throughout the Portland Metro area and the final 10% goes to different non-profits that agents and employees can nominate. You can read more about that here.

Adam Cornett, PNWSpaces, and Premiere Property Group

Adam Cornett is the owner of Adam Cornett Real Estate. PNWspaces is the website for Adam Cornett Real Estate. Adam Cornett is also a real estate broker with Premiere Property Group. PPG, LLC holds Adam’s license but he does his own business under his name.

Adam chose Premiere only after interviewing with two other agencies. After interviewing these other agencies Adam felt that they were either too expensive or too incompetent. Adam was impressed by the professionalism and offerings to both the agents and the clients.

After seeing all the marketing that was offered with PPG Adam decided that PPG was the place to be. With his background in marketing and sales, Adam despises the “hard sale” and appreciates the intellectual view of sales and marketing.

Where is PPG Located in Portland ?

Portland Premiere Group, LLC has offices from Battleground to Albany and Gresham to Hillsboro as well as one office in Bend. These 11 offices house their 1000 agents and staff. PPG is looking to expand farther but for now, these 11 offices make PPG the largest private real estate group.

How Well Does PPG Perform?

In 2018 Premiere Property Group, LLC sold more homes than any other real estate agency in Portland. PPG, LLC sold the second-highest amount in dollars. These numbers are both up from 2017. If you’re looking to sell your home with the top agency in Portland, look no further. If you’re interested in selling your home with a top agent in Portland, look no further. With Adam’s marketing and sales experience and the real estate experience of 1000+ agents at PPG, LLC you’re in good hands.



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