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Beavteron Homes For Sale

Beaverton Homes for Sale

Beaverton’s third largest employer, NIKE. Beaverton homes for sale are located just 10 minutes from downtown Portland. It sits nicely between Portland and Hillsboro with access to Intel, Nike, and Portland. 

Beaverton is a hot marketing. If you’re looking for Beaverton homes for sale, the button below will take you to my search page. 

Beaverton Homes For Sale

Beaverton is home to many great companies, beautiful suburbs, quick access to great parks, schools, restaurants, and more. Beaverton homes for sale tend to sell in just days. If you’re looking for a home for sale in Beaverton, I suggest you prepare to compete.
Beaverton Homes for Sale average around $475K-$550K for a three-bedroom home with two bathrooms.

Competition in Beaverton Homes For Sale

Like other real estate in the Portland metro area, Beaverton homes for sale tend to sell in just days. Most homes in Beaverton will sell for higher than the asking price. The best way to buy homes in Beaverton is to have an agent with insight into what homes are coming onto the market. 

I work with Premiere Property Group. Premiere Property Group has over 1,000 agents which makes it the largest local real estate firm. With so many agents I am made aware of homes that are going onto the market within the next 24-48 hours. Why does this matter? If you know what’s about to come onto the market you will have the advantage to make offers on homes right as they hit the market and not have to wait. 

Beaverton Homes for sale

Beaverton's Largest Employer

Although Intel is not located in Beaverton, Intel is still Beaverton’s largest employer. Many Intel employees choose to live in Beaverton because of its proximity to Portland and the amenities of the city.  Hillsboro, where Intel is located, is flatter whereas Beaverton has a lot of homes for sale on hills and in wooded areas. 

Many people prefer Beaverton homes for sale over Hillsboro homes for sale because Beaverton homes are also older and tend to have more character. Much of Hillsboro was developed in the 80’s-2000’s whereas Beaverton homes tend to be from the 40’s-60’s with lots of new construction as well. 

Beaverton has access to 217 which crosses through Beaverton and gives quick access to 86 which takes you to the Oregon coast or to downtown Portland as well as access to I5 if your intentions are to travel to Seattle or South to southern Oregon. 

Beaverton School Disctrict

Another great reason why people choose Beaverton homes for sale is because of the quality of the schools. Beaverton is home to many great schools, both public and private. The overall grade of Beaverton schools is A-.

If schools are the main reason why you’re looking for Beaverton homes for sale, contact me either at 971-645-6463 or email me at and we can discuss which schools rank the highest. I will work within your budget and find homes near the best Beaverton schools. 

At this link, you will be asked to sign in. This information will not be used by anyone but Adam Cornett. When you create a profile and search for properties, I will be able to see which properties you’re interested in so that I can research them further. Then we can plan to visit the homes that you have saved on my website. Simply type in Beaverton, add your desired property details and you will be given an up-to-date list of all Beaverton homes for sale.

Beaverton is a beautiful city; you will not regret your decision for living in Beaverton. The schools are very good, the taxes are better than Portland, and you’re close to lots of great amenities. 

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